Case Studies

Below are listed 4 case studies from clients who completed the E4H course across Reading and Slough.

Case Study 1: Y.A., Rivermead Leisure Centre

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"Completing eat for health was a real game changer for me, and I found changing my eating habits a real breath of weight losing fresh air.

In the past, I had tried several methods from Weight Watchers to other dire fads as Atkins and all fruit based diets. They all of course had the same effect; I lost weight or in some cases (Atkins) put on weight; but ultimately I was miserable and always put the weight back on and then some.

Eat 4 Health was really different and made me look at food, my relationship with it, and how much I was fooling myself with my warped view that I ate healthily. The biggest eye opener was the portion sizes, and I realise this was in part where I was going wrong, coupled with my lack of enough of the right kind of exercise.

L.K. had a wonderful way of making what we were learning fun, informative and more importantly sink in. I found her method of coaching really motivating, and at the same time empathetically encouraging on the weeks you hadn’t done so well, (so that you drowned your sorrows in a bowl of mango rather than dive head first into a citron tart). She was so genuinely chuffed the weeks we did well, that it made you feel simply smug with your genius weight losing abilities. We could all do with a L.K. around when trying to lose weight!

My only negative about the course is it’s simply not long enough. I know that we are supposed to take the tools away to lose the weight ourselves. However, I don’t feel the course tackled the psychological aspects of over eating for those of us that needed to keep up the momentum, to lose a considerable amount. It daunting, confusing and sometimes so demotivating, that you fall back to your emotional comfort, which for most obese people, is food. For the first time ever in my adult life, I really think if this course was longer, I could lose a considerable amount of weight, be slim even.

I lost just under my 5% target by the conclusion of the course. Post course, I will confess, I am struggling to lose past my 5%. This being said, I am not putting on weight which is testimony to how good the course is, as I haven’t fallen off the wagon and back into my old habits.

I would wholeheartedly recommend this course to anyone that struggled with losing weight, it really changes your view on your eating habits, and provides a way of losing weight that’s healthy and more importantly, achievable."

Case Study 2: H.H., Rivermead Leisure Centre

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"Before this course, I had tried many diets, and nothing seemed to work. I no-longer had faith that I could lose weight, and keep it off. But, after the help and support from L.K., and the structure of the programme, I now feel I can achieve my goals. L.K. offered me and other group members a great deal of support each week, and praised every achievement we made. I never felt judged or a failure and I felt L.K. understood my struggle. L.K. is upbeat and bubbly and made each session fun and interesting. I found her personal experiences and tips inspiring, and we were all encouraged to interact with each other with support and advice.

With the time and effort she put into helping me set and strive towards achieving my goals, I now have focus and a new enjoyment for healthy eating and exercise. I now recognise that weight loss is not a race and needs a great deal of time and effort, and I have given up the fad diets, and continued to exercise with activities that I enjoy.

Thanks L.K. for all your help"

Case Study 3: M.H., Newbury Racecourse

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"I joined Eat 4 Health as I was unable to lose weight, I have various food allergies and am a vegetarian so found it a constant struggle to eat healthy as I became very disillusioned with food. The more I tried to think about what to eat, the more I reduced what I ate and gained weight.

When first meeting H.K. our instructor, we were asked to complete food diaries. One of the first things which H.K. told me, was that I was not eating enough or regularly enough and was in fact reducing my metabolic rate. I suppose you could say I was starving my body which made me gain weight, by storing everything.

With H.K.’s help and advice I was able to change my outlook on food, and start to enjoy cooking and preparing meals. Also when the weight started to come off, I gained more confidence and was able to eat in front of people which had always been a bit of an issue even though I hadn’t fully realised it.

If there is a downside to the course it is the shortness, as just as you are benefiting from the advice and starting to implement and see the effects of the changes you are making the course is ending.

Since starting I have lost 25.7kg or 4.04stone which I would never have believed possible, and am still losing now. With the help and support I have been given, I can now see a more positive future where I can become the healthier person I want to be.

I have already told other people about the course I attended, as when they have noticed the change in me and have asked what diet I have done I simply tell them I haven’t been on a diet I have been on a healthy eating course. I would recommend the course to anyone who needs it, as it can make a real difference. I would strongly advise that if people choose to attend the course that they do in fact attend every session, as the course is only for 10 weeks and every week counts. The first step is turning up each week, and then making the most of the advice, information and help that is on offer.

I can never thank H.K. enough for all the support she has given me, as without her I would not be where I am today."

Case Study 4: L.W., Loddon Valley Leisure Centre

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"I was told about the Eat4Health course by my doctor, who advised me I should do something about my weight. I was given a phone number and the email address for Solutions4Health and decided to give it a go.

I had tried to lose weight in the past, losing a stone or two, keeping it off for a while, but eventually it all going back on (plus some more!!)

The course covered a range of things including understanding food labels, nutrition, fats and sugars in foods. Probably the best part was keeping a weekly food and activity dairy, and recording everything we ate and what exercise we did. This was checked every week and marked to identify the good and the bad foods we were eating.

The aim of the course was to lose 5% of our body weight. At the end of the 10 week course I had lost 1 stone 3 lb, 7.5% of my body weight. Now, 4 weeks on from the course, I have lost another 9 lbs and still losing weight. The course has really focused me to think about what I am eating and that there are healthier options available.

I am really glad I sent that email and I am confident that this time I can continue to lose weight and keep it off."